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A few Eminem enthusiasts were left surprised by his act at 2018 Bonnaroo music festival in Tennessee so buy 100 real Instagram followers.

Buy 100 real Instagram followers to become famous like Eminem. The shock was produced because they combined sound effects that sounded like gunshots, and the rapper was soon the bull of an online repercussion. You can buy 100 real Instagram followers at our page.

Eminem: buy 100 real Instagram followers

Eminem: buy 100 real Instagram followers

While many were fast to point out that his tune and concerts have for years unified such sounds for years, his set on Saturday activated panic among others, and later, discussion about whether the effects are suitable in a time when nerves are already ragged in wake of the 2016 Paris discotheque shooting, the 2017 massacre at the Route 91 Harvest music festival in Las Vegas and the 2017 bombing at Ariana Grande’s Manchester performance.

“I hate to be the one to say it, but being someone who suffers from very mild PTSD, it was EXTREMELY irresponsible and distasteful to end songs w the shot gun sound effect. i have grown up loving Eminem and his music but I was extremely triggered to the point of tears,” on twitter by the popular YouTube star Andrea Russett.

“To hear a gun shot sound effect and see the entire crowd drop to the floor out of instinct is not funny, cute, or amusing,” she continued. “This is the sad reality that we are living. this is not funny or even something to be joked about.”

A Twitter user named Jenna said that “When Eminem let off the gunshot sound effect,” “the whole place went silent because we all thought it was real.”

“Worst decision ever to ask @Eminem to play, @bonnaroo,” tweeted a concertgoer named Sara. “My night was awesome but now I’m in absolute tears and shaking because I thought the multiple gunshots from his performance from across Centeroo were real. This is not OK.”

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